Posts made in July, 2017

Forecasting the price of an asset sometime in the future is tricky, even more so for oil prices. Indeed, just a few months ago BP’s CEO Bob Dudley was assuming oil price to be around $55 to $60 for the next five years. Have The Oil Bulls Reached A Dead-end? BP assuming 55 to 60 dollar oil for the next 5 years BP is assuming $55 to $60 oil for the next five years, CEO Bob Dudley says Persistently low oil prices will...

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Let’s take a look at whether the so called robot revolution will break new ground and be a game charger for the future… The major emerging national economies (the so-called BRICS-Brasil, Russia, India, China South Africa) boomed during a period when the developed countries outsourced jobs to low-wage countries, particularly China and India. It made commercial sense for the big manufacturers to build production plants where...

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The economic “recovery” narrative in Europe is beginning to look a little flaky again. It is Europe’s banking woes that are starting to wobble the pillars and unsettle the economic landscape. With each day passing It is becoming more difficult to ignore the cracks in Europe’s economic recovery story. A focused light beam on Europe’s banks highlights the fact that another banking crisis could be brewing backstage....

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