Posts made in December, 2017

Bitcoin cryptocurrency crackdown is the next chapter in the cryptocurrency’s (so far) stellar price rise and success. Indeed, Bitcoin price has taken a moon shot in 2017, up by 1,414.03% year to date, opening price 10,911 bitcoin to USD, despite the world’s top investors,elites and ultra-wealthy all lining up to speak into the corporate owned and controlled mouthpiece and brand the cryptocurrency a fraud, a bubble, a scam...

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It is the latest political wave of uncertainty to rock the European Union, Germany (the eurozone’s largest economy) is in political limbo just two months after its general election. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to form a government in Germany collapsed on Sunday (19 November). Merkel’s conservative alliance won the September election with a slim majority, in fact, Merkel’s governing Christian Democratic Union of Germany...

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