Posts made in June, 2021

The Federal Reserve’s latest policy update confirms no change to the Fed’s emergency monetary policy, which is likely to be bullish for gold and reflation trade. Here are the key points; The Fed’s 120 billion USD of the asset (mortgage-backed securities) a month continues with no indication of when it will stop. The current Fed fund rate of 0.25% will not be increased until 2023 the earliest based on dot plot...

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Diversified Crypto Portfolio

Building a diversified crypto portfolio could be Generation Z’s life raft. Think about it. The insecure work conditions in the gig economy sucks, but it’s better than nothing. Those fortunate enough to be in stable employment, with a regular paycheck, and can save receive pitiful interest on deposit accounts. Moreover, throw monetary inflation into the equation and savings get depreciated. To top it off real estate has...

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