Blood Profits

Posted By Darren Winters on Apr 1, 2022

Blood Profits

​​The blood profits are flowing for those with a stomach for investing in military defense companies in times of war. I feel uncomfortable profiting from defense stocks in wartime and have kept away, but it takes all sorts to make the world spin. 

So the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the first few days looks like a cakewalk as an endless rolling mass of Russian armor, tanks confidently, arrogantly thrust deep into Ukrainian territory with its warplanes providing cover.

The Kremlin sees itself as a liberator that is carrying out a military operation, which they calculated would be successfully concluded within 72 hours. But the West and, more importantly, a sizable Ukrainian population of combat age saw it as their motherland being raped, their border being violated. Ukrainian males of fighting age were not allowed to leave the territory, they could have surrendered but many chose to fight and accept the likelihood of their death against the odds. 

The ideological battlefield of the mind was already in Ukraine’s favor. 

Russian soldiers do not know why they are fighting, but the Ukrainians do.

Blood profits

The willpower to fight and the means, western arms have meant high casualties, maybe 20,000 dead young men on both sides and thousands more injured in the heart of Europe. 

But western arms in the hands of motivated civilians turned fighters have disrupted maybe even neutralized Russia’s advance on the capital city.

Technological advancements have changed conventional warfare. The unbeatable Polish cavalry was demolished by German tanks. Warplanes of the last century made trench warfare obsolete in WW2. The machine gun, the ability of humans to kill other humans quickly revolutionized combat, making it easier for troops to gain ground and clear trenches. 

The blood profits from companies developing missile technology is changing conventional warfare today 

The autocratic dictator, tyrant, despot standing in front of a parade of tanks, troops, and armament projects power. But we are seeing the reality of modern conventional warfare in Ukraine as metal muscle does not win wars. Size matters on the battlefield, and big is not mighty but vulnerable. 

Blood profits will come from those companies developing missile technologies that incorporate stealth, speed, and maneuverability in their weapons

So the man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) operates as an infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM), and Man-portable is ideal for knocking out tanks, which is disrupting maybe even neutralizing Russia’s advance on the capital city.

Perhaps the fire and forget advanced Javelin anti-tank and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles have made tanks obsolete in 21-century warfare. Have tanks become white elephants in modern conventional warfare?

For investors unperturbed by blood profits, leading US defense contractors Lockheed Martin (LMT), and Raytheon Technologies Corp (RTX) make the advanced Javelin, Stinger, and advanced fighter stealth jets. Both companies also pay dividends. Bae Systems (BAESY) is another major western arms manufacturer.

If tanks are vulnerable, then warships are equally vulnerable at sea.

Missile technology could have changed conventional warfare

So here we are in the 21 century, and the naked ape has not changed since crawling out of his cave ten thousand years ago wielding a club. All that has changed is the sophistication of his weapons. I have no hope for the human race. 

But wait, the lyrics of John Lennon come to mind.

“Imagine there are no countries, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people living in peace.” 

Post WW3, new world order no countries, one world, one people, no more blood profits?

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