Business and Investing Mastery Training

Posted By Darren Winters on Aug 2, 2017

Business and Investing Mastery Training

I held my Business and Investing Mastery event last weekend and if I say so myself, what a great event it was. It was held in Kensington’s Millennium Gloucester hotel and the room was full to capacity with almost 500 people attending. I opened the event by sharing my Darren Winters approach to succeeding fast in anything you want to master – whether that’s starting a business, growing a business, property investing or stock market / forex investing.

Business and Investing Mastery - Live 2 Day Training Course

As many of you know, I became a multi-millionaire fairly early in life and it was through a combination of all of these areas. I own several different businesses with a multi-million pound turnover, I do UK and international property investing with my favourite topic being stock market / forex investing. Several people had previously asked me: “Darren, how have you managed to master all these different areas so quickly – do you have an approach that you can share with us”. The answer is “YES”, I have a very specific strategy that I use and this is what I shared in my opening talk. It’s what I call the Darren Winters approach to getting good, fast, at anything.

Here are the three main steps:
1) Find 3 of the best experts in the area you want to master
2) If they have a training course, attend it
3) Choose the top person who you learnt the most from and get mentoring

Business and Investing MasteryPretty simple, but that’s what I’ve done throughout my life, to master health and fitness, stock market / forex investing, property investing, running a business, marketing etc. To start off with it was tough as I didn’t have any money to pay for training. I would use credit cards, borrow money, work more overtime, whatever it took to get the money, as I knew that one of the most important investments I could make was in myself.

During my 2 day Business and Investing Mastery event, attendees learnt some great techniques and strategies from some of the people that I leant from – basically the best of the best in their areas of expertise. To quote one attendee “I’ve never seen such an incredible line of speakers as the experts you’ve bought together this weekend – I’ve learnt so many valuable things that I can start to use straight away. Thank you so much Darren” Ms Karne – attendee on the Business and Investing Mastery training course.

I also spoke about my Darren Winters Charity Live Trading Days, where we spend the day together, and I trade live, real trades with my money. With this event, 100% of the money we receive from ticket sales is given to charity.

On the second day of Business and Investing Mastery, we had speakers covering:
1) How to succeed at property investing, even if you have no money
2) What are currently the most effective techniques in internet / online marketing
3) The best way to start a new business and how to raise capital
4) I taught some great stock market / forex strategies
5) How to get the right wealth mindset and overcome any obstacles that have previously held you back
6) How to exponentially grow your existing business
7) How to develop your idea and present it in the right way to your clients
8) Plus many more great topics

We also had a prize draw to win a brand new ipad (all event attendees were given a free raffle ticket) and I gave everyone a surprise gift worth over £100. As I said, it was a great weekend 🙂 If you didn’t attend this time, make sure you come to the next event. Just register for a free ticket here:

Business and Investing Mastery

Business and Investing Mastery - Darren Winters
“I just wanted to say thank you to Darren Winters and all of his team for a wonderful weekend – I leant some really useful things, met some great people and I’m very glad I attended” Mr Miller

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