Charity Projects

Over the years Darren has been involved in many different charity projects, giving both his time and money to causes he believes will really make a positive difference in the World. Here are some of his recent charity projects…

Children’s Wealth Day

Darren Winters Charity Projects

One of the charity projects Darren offers exclusively to children, this is a wealth and investment training day for 10 to 16 year olds that Darren teaches completely free of charge. Having children of his own, Darren realised how important it is to make sure children get a proper wealth education – especially as this topic is not covered properly or at all in many schools.

Darren Winters Charity Projects - Children's Wealth DayOn this training course Darren teaches wealth skills and investment strategies in a way that is fun and easy for children to understand. These are simple but powerful strategies to help them build their future wealth, and give them the financial freedom to choose how they want their lives to be.

During the training course the children take part in a live trading competition, where, using demo accounts, they apply everything that they have learnt. Entry to the competition is free and included as part of the course, with all the prizes paid for by Darren.

At the last event, the top 3 children, from just 2 hours trading made: 1st place = £1,032 profit, 2nd place = £862, 3rd place = £786 with the vast majority of the group in a good profit after only 2 hours. The first place winner, as the their prize, received the latest ipad.

I teach this course for free because I want to make sure that this knowledge is available to children whatever their background or their family’s current financial situation. If I can help the next generation to become wealthy and inspire them to use some of that wealth to help others then I feel this training can really make a positive difference.

There has been huge demand for this course, with all available places going within hours of the course date being announced. To make sure that everyone has a fair chance to get a place, you can add your child’s name to the waiting list and will be informed immediately when a new date is available. Just contact us and let us know.

For more information about the children’s wealth day browse the Win Investing website.

Charity Live Trading Day

Darren Winters Charity Projects - Charity Live Trading DayThis is a forex and stock market live trading day that Darren teaches, where he gives 100% of the money from tickets sales to attend the event to charity.

At this event beginners and experienced investors learn the same proven yet surprisingly simple strategies top investors use to successfully make money from trading. Darren first teaches the investment techniques and then shows how to use them for real in the live markets.

I use what I teach and I like to walk my talk and show people live, for real, how to make money using these strategies. Some people who haven’t yet learnt these techniques are still skeptical until they see them used live to make money

At the last event Darren raised money for the SOS Children’s villages charity. A charity that helps some of the most in need and vulnerable children from around the World.

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