Darren Winters Reviews – Training Course

Posted By Darren Winters on Aug 9, 2017

Darren Winters Reviews – Training Course

I just finished teaching my two day stock market and forex training course. It’s my favourite event, as it’s where I teach, step by step, exactly how anyone can use my best strategies. We had a great mix of abilities there. The biggest part of the group were complete beginners, but there were also quite a few immediate investors and several very advanced traders (including someone with over 20 years trading experience who said he’d come along to check he stayed ahead of the game 🙂 Potential course attendees often ask for Darren Winters reviews and I will be asking those who attended this latest stock market training course to give their opinions so everyone can read first hand about what they can expect.

Darren Winters Reviews - Stock Market Training

In the first part of the morning session we covered the real basics:
What is a share?
What is a sector?
What is Forex?
What is fundamental analysis?
What is technical analysis?
How do you choose a trading account?
What is a stock broker account / spread betting account?

The stock market training involved lots of examples and explanations to check that beginners to fully understood the basics – also a couple of advanced traders commented to me that I’d covered a few important topics that they hadn’t known about before. Take a look at the Darren Winters reviews in the comments section below.

I then explained that almost everything we were going to be covering over the two days could be used for Forex, Stocks and Shares, Commodities, Indices, Options, and spread betting (I also explained why the group should avoid binary options!)

I showed how I divide my investment money between short, medium and long term investing and explained how my favourite strategy took only 1 hour a week to use, plus 5 minutes every other day. (On day 2 I then showed the group exactly how to do this – see the Darren Winters Reviews that will follow in the comments below)

Darren Winters Reviews - Forex TrainingWe then discussed long term investing and I taught the Darren Winters method for finding a short list of trades with incredible potential for long term growth. Rather than just talk the theory, I went online and found the actual list of trades so everyone saw exactly how it was done – the whole process took about 10 minutes. I explained why, for the best results with long tern investing, it’s important to combine fundamental and technical analysis.

The focus then changed to short / medium term trading and I explained in detail, my all time favourite approach to finding the very best trades – whether for day trading, swing trading or medium term investing. I explained each step one at a time and got the group to do several practical exercises to help with their understanding.

The day concluded with a session on trading / wealth mindset, where I shared some of the most important / powerful techniques I’d learnt to become a successful investor and reach any wealth goals.

On day 2, I immediately shared one of the best day trading strategies that I’ve ever learnt – a way to do day trading, but by automating the most time consuming part of it. It then only takes 20 minutes a day, whenever you feel like doing it. It’s one of the strategies that I teach to the kids on my Children’s Wealth Days.

We then finished going through the steps of my all time favourite strategy and did some more practical exercises to check everyone was following along.

Then I taught 2 more simple but powerful short term strategies, 2 medium term and 2 long term strategies. The group then gave me some trades to analysis – I said they could suggest anything that they wanted me to look at and I did the full analysis with my conclusions, using the skills they had learnt during the course.

To end the day, I gave the group, the Darren Winters 10 Step action plan to becoming an outstanding trader / investor. It really was an excellent two days, but you don’t have to take my word for it… I just went through all the feedback forms that everyone filled in and 97% of the group rated the course as VERY good to outstanding. Attendees will be giving their Darren Winters reviews in the comments section below. Here’s what some attendees had to say about the training…

Darren’s training course was outstanding. The strategies were explained in a very simple language so they were easily understood by complete beginners, such as me. Also, the 2 course manuals were excellent. I would definitely recommend the course – Ms Raynova

Fantastic course, clear strategies. Thanks Darren, for sharing your knowledge. I’d recommend to others that they get on this course as soon as they can, don’t wait for anything – Mr Reading

An outstanding event. I am a complete beginner, but everything made total sense. Definitely do this course NOW! It will change your life – Ms Kubilaite

Darren Winters Reviews

Darren knows his stuff. This training was VERY good. Definitely a course to attend whether beginner or advanced – Mrs Fomunyam

The course was exactly what I needed and superbly put across. A good pace and made easy to understand. I’m so glad I came. The best decision I have made apart from marrying my wife 🙂 – Mr Chenery

The strategies are great. The teaching of the course was brilliant and easy to understand. Plus the level of practice we were given was excellent – Mr Funwi


  1. It was an eventful two day course in which Darren taught all the basics for both beginners and those with experience. Both the fundamental and technical analysis aspects were expertly covered and so well explained. It was also very beneficial to go through all types of graphs and a lot of light was shed on how to interpret and use them. Darren is a very good teacher and has a passion for what he does. The group that he taught last weekend was really lucky because Darren brought in some of his latest findings in this trading field. I have no doubt that he has invested a lot in his own education to achieve this high level of ability to share his knowledge with others. I would love to get him to mentor me until I become a guru. It was a weekend profitably spent and I would have regretted not attending.

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  2. This course covered an incredible amount of information in just two days. Darren was full of energy himself and managed to communicate this to the students and keep our interest. I hadn’t known quite what to expect from the course but feel I now know a lot about why the prices of shares, currencies etc. change and how to analyse those changes, looking for patterns and opportunities for profit. It will take me a week to go through the notes provided, and my notes on those notes. This was so much more than just a two-day course, it was a complete education in trading and investing.

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  3. Darren is a good teacher who delivers his best to his students. I traded binary options before and now I know that was the biggest mistake I ever made with my hard earned money. Darren showed me why binary options is a no go area. I was then determined to study and make it. My search for a mentor brought me to the door steps of Darren Winters and I cannot regret. Those two days were loaded with very useful strategies and information. That is why I have gone ahead to his apprentice programme because I don’t want to fail again and I am confident Darren can give me the help i need to succeed as an investor.

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  4. This Was The Best Course I Have Ever Been On.
    And I have done a LOT
    I am still as excited now as what i was 3 weeks ago during the course! Definitely the best decision i ever did make coming along to this – Life Changing

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