On Darren’s 2 Day Forex and Stock Market Master Class attendees learn proven strategies that anyone can use to become a successful investor. The strategies are taught in a simple step by step way, that makes them easy to understand and straightforward to use. This has resulted in literally 1000’s of graduate success stories and positive Darren Winters reviews, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

Darren Winters Reviews after attending his 2 day investment training course:

Simon Ball - Darren Winters Reviews“Darren Winters course has truly changed my financial destiny and that of my family. This month I have made £48,000 from trading” Mr S Ball, Gloucestershire – Darren Winters Reviews

Idit Gold - Darren Winters Reviews“I started investing £1,000 and within 10 months I have made £1,500 profit.” Ms Idit Gold – Darren Winters Reviews

Amir Mahdavi - Darren Winters Reviews“I applied the strategies that I learnt on Darren Winters course and turned £6,000 into £12,500 over a 10 month period” Mr A Mahdavi – Darren Winters Reviews

Dr Ahmed Elghmaz - Darren Winters Reviews“I attended this course over a year ago. I started with £2,000 and now have well over £10,000 of profit. Thank you Darren.” Dr A Elghamaz – Darren Winters Reviews

S Mckinley - Darren Winters Reviews“I started with £3000. By the end of the month I turned this into just over £3620, a gain of over 20%.” Mr S McKinley – Darren Winters Reviews

Ajay Gudka - Darren Winters Reviews“Using what I learnt on the course I turned £1,000 into £3,000 within 12 months” Mr A Gudka – Darren Winters Reviews

John Sandell - Darren Winters ReviewsI manage both mine and my wife’s Stocks and Shares ISA. Since doing Darren Winters course I’ve achieved my target of 20% profit per year for 3 years” Mr J Sandell – Darren Winters Reviews

Robert Dewar - Darren Winters Reviews“I was stuttering along buying shares through a well known tip sheet. But since the course I have built up £5,000 to over £15,000.” Mr R Dewar – Darren Winters Reviews

“My friend gave me a very good review of Darren Winters course. After attending then putting into practice what I had been taught I now regularly producing returns of more than 15% per month” Mr Shaw – Darren Winters Reviews

“Since attending your course, I’ve tidied my portfolio. I have turned £11,000 into just over £36,000 in just over a year. Some trades produced 30% to 180% in a few months. On some other trades, I made £100 plus in just a few hours… I’m glad that I attended the course as now I know there is another correct way of making money.” Mr W Hau – Darren Winters Reviews

“In only 11 trading days, the return on my total portfolio has been a staggering 52.88%. Even as a retired investment broker, I am rather pleased.” Mr T Gervis – Darren Winters Reviews

“I started investing only a small amount of money (£1,000) to test the waters… and got an excellent return in a relatively short period of time with proportionately very little time investment. I turned me small stake into £1,691.” Mr A Neil – Darren Winters Reviews

“Within 6 weeks, I am now £12,840 better off. The stock market secrets taught on this course are priceless. Before I was relying on my feelings and expectations, but now I use the practical techniques that I learnt from the course. Thank you.” Mr S Sleman – Darren Winters Reviews

“This course gave me the knowledge and confidence to trade. I now make on average £400 to £500 per week… and best thing of all, I’m only using £2,000 of my original investment.” Mr A Chaudhary – Darren Winters Reviews

“Initially I tested Darren’s strategies over a 3 month period. This short term trial produced an increase gain of 9.15% on my portfolio. I was skeptical, but now I highly recommend this event to anyone who wants to invest successfully.” Mr J Butler – Darren Winters Reviews

“After the course I immediately used the tools and techniques taught to make my next trading decisions. I traded £1,500 and have already made a gain of £300. A 20% gain in 2 weeks is quite impressive. Thank you Darren.” Mr J Stein – Darren Winters Reviews

“I’ve been trading for many years and have lost and made money. But after attending Darren Winters course, I’ve doubled an initial portfolio of £12,000 to nearly £24,000 within the last 3 months.” Mr N Nevins – Darren Winters Reviews

“By following advice from your course I’ve made a return of 20.67% on my total investment portfolio this year. This is in a mixture of PEPs, ISAs and ordinary dealing accounts.” Mr H Ring – Darren Winters Reviews

“I started with $7,000 in the US and £5,000 in UK. I only started on the NYSE about a month ago and one stock has returned $600 on $1000 invested. I am still feeling my way, but that gave me a great boost! My UK experience started earlier this year and has produced steady results, but I am £400 to the good overall! I find your charting software much easier to use than the other charting packages. I am look for cups and handles, but also keep an eye for other direction change indicators. Thanks again for your inspiring courses.” Mr R Biggs – Darren Winters Reviews

“Immediately after I attended Darren’s 2 days trading class just over a year ago, I put £4000 into my brokerage account and within 12 months, I have made gain in excess of £3000, which equals 75% increase per annum. I have experimented with many of strategies taught on Darren’s class and personally I prefer using <<< a strategies you'll learn on the course >>> to determine the most appropriate buy and sell points.” Mr L Zhou – Darren Winters Reviews

“Just quickly is one of my successful trades…this is the second letter that I am sending to you. I spotted my favourite formation on the EUR/USD – one of the strategies I learned on your 2-day course. As I always use a spread bet, I think I got £3500 by now just from this trade. And since I started trading after Darren’s course last year with £1000, I am £15,000 pounds better off now.” Mr Ivanov – Darren Winters Reviews

“I started with £5000 and increased this by £7000 after the course with Darren. The value of my portfolio today is £15,500. I used the strategy of running with profits and cutting losses. I have honed this to 6% loss 25% gains. This strategy took away my feeling of ‘being a looser’ when I was stopped out. But now realise the strength of the strategy. This has given me real confidence for my stock market trading. My job is a housewife.” Ms T Baker – Darren Winters Reviews

“I followed Darren Winters trading course which was easy to understand even for a person with no knowledge about the stocks. I started with £2000 and within 6 months have turned it into £3,500. I used <<< course strategy 1 >>> and <<< course strategy 2 >>>. The course was well structured and Darren delivered with examples and his personnel stories. I strongly recommend any one to follow Daren Winters Course.” Mr V Jebaratnam – Darren Winters Reviews

“After doing Darren’s 2 day course, I started with £100 in a spread betting account. That was one year ago and today I’ve got £3000 in my account and a lot of confidence… This is really fantastic, it’s a nice feeling…” Mr J Galeano – Darren Winters Reviews

“I applied <<< strategy you'll learn on course >>> that I learnt on Darren Winters course and used these not in trading shares, but spread betting. My initial capital was £6,000 which I turned into £12,500 over a 10 month period” Mr A Mahdavi – Darren Winters Reviews

“After doing the Darren Winters trading course, I used the following Techniques that he taught <<< techniques you will learn at the training >>> I started with £95000 and right now I have £109,233. I did this in the following time periods: £ 70000 to £ 78,403 in 8 months and £ 25000 to £ 30,830 in 4 months” Mr A Allieri – Darren Winters Reviews

“I followed Darren’s strategies for picking the best companies. I started with £1000 initially, which I turned into £1200 over a period of one and a half months (just over 13% gain per month).” Ms D Zlokapa – Darren Winters Reviews

“My portfolio was untidy, some shares had barely moved blocking the capital. I applied the skills and knowledge I learnt from your course and within a short time I made a gain of 10%+. I am a medium term trader. I am mainly using <<< course strategy 3 >>> and <<< course strategy 4 >>> My thanks to you Darren” Ms C Parajia – Darren Winters Reviews

“Before taking the course, I was stuttering along buying shares through a well known tip sheet. But since the course I have built up £5,000 to over £15,000. I now have confidence to find shares myself and invest profitably.” Mr R Dewar – Darren Winters Reviews

“Following Darren Winters course, I’ve had resounding success. In 6 weeks, I’m averaging 155% return so far. My best day has been a £700 profit starting with £1852 (38% return) in one day!! I have kept a trading journal/diary and have recorded the above profits and also have statements from my broker, which I am more than happy to share and for you to share with clients for marketing” Dr D Rallan – Darren Winters Reviews

“Dear Darren, I started with £1500 and have managed to turn that into £3500. I am now in the process of re-investing that and hopefully will be able to Double that in the next few months” Mr H Walcott – Darren Winters Reviews

“I did the Darren Winters course. I then started with £5,000 and made £400 net profits in my first month, 8% in 5 weeks, I was pleased with this, thought it was easy and got sloppy. In 3 weeks I lost £1,400 and it hurt! Why? I stopped applying all the rules I had learned on Darren’s course. So I went back to basics and used the ‘Darren Winters’ method – in full. In a week, on one position (I need to rebuild my confidence ) I have made 5.5% and my position is still running. The strategy that I use is as follows: <<< strategy you will learn on the course >>>” Ms B Macdonald – Darren Winters Reviews

“I am pleased to say that I found the Darren Winters share trading Course excellent. I started with £300 and over two months I earned £920 after deducting commission and stamp duty” Mr K Patel – Darren Winters Reviews

“Upon completing your stock market course a couple of years ago I have made over a 100% return using <<< Course strategy 2 and 3 >>> taught by Darren Winters. From an initial $2000 investment I now am $5000 better off in just one year being part time investor.” Mr J Lau – Darren Winters Reviews

“BEFORE attending Darren Winters course I started with £4,000 but lost £2,000. At his course I sat thinking ‘oh man why didn’t I come here first.’ Then after Darren’s course my trades got me 20%, 34%, 10%. I made 34% on one share in 1 month using the <<< Course strategy 3 >>>. £344 profit a month later I was in Norway visiting friends all thanks to Darren. Great course, the stock market is not a myth…” Mr A Watret – Darren Winters Reviews

“I have attended the Darren Winters trading course over a year ago. I started with £2,000 and now have well over £10,000 of profit from the initial £2000. I applying the invaluable strategies and techniques taught in the course. Now I am looking forward to retire early. Thank you Darren.” Dr A Elghamaz – Darren Winters Reviews

“Following the Darren Winters trading course I personally took control of an existing portfolio that a bank was running for me and not getting anywhere. My initial capital was £30,000, in 3 months I increased it to £38,000. In the mean time I also set up an account on the NYSE with only $5000 and that has grown to $8500 in the space of 2 months.” Mr N Cauvas – Darren Winters Reviews

“To Darren Winters and the team, please find attached a spreadsheet which shows the trades and results achieved. This was achieved trading Commodities and Indices (plus a few stocks), using <<< Techniques you'll learn on the course >>> taught by Darren. It shows a profit of 242% in 8 months.” Mr J Thornton – Darren Winters Reviews

“My start capital was £1,000 and after doing the stock market training with Darren Winters I turned this into £3,000 over 12 months. In order to achieve this, I used <<< trading technique you'll learn on course >>>” Mr A Gudka – Darren Winters Reviews

“Darren makes this simple to follow and accessible. I was hopeless at investing before doing this training. Now my confidence is high and I am making better trading decisions because of what I’ve learnt. I have made about 40% in the last 2 months using what was taught on the course” Dr A Rasheed – Darren Winters Reviews

“In a few months I turned £500 into £1200 using <<< technique you'll learn on course >>>. The course is well thought out and if you follow the ideas consistently I feel you have to come out ahead.” Mr J Thornton – Darren Winters Reviews

“After doing the training course with Darren I started with an initial pot of £ 20,000 and I have made profits of about 50% in two months Mr A Ahmed – Darren Winters Reviews

“The disciplined process Darren teaches makes it easy to invest with a high probability of winning. I’ve made £2,000 in 10 days.” Mr N Belfast – Darren Winters Reviews

“My wife and I attended Darren Winters course. On our second trade we made a profit of £450 in 2.5 days. We would both thoroughly recommend Darren’s course.” Mr J Sparks – Darren Winters Reviews

“I started with £200, and doubled my investment using Darren Winters <<< Course Strategy 3 >>> in 4 weeks with no losses as my profits were free of tax and commission.” Ms F Manyika – Darren Winters Reviews

“I started with £15,000 and turned this into £23,000 in 2 years. I used <<< Course strategy 2 >>> that I learn from Darren Winters.” Mr P Chucas – Darren Winters Reviews

“I started with £2,000 and turned it into £20,000 in 12 months. I’m a short term trader – spread betting indices and Nymex. Thank You Darren” Mr C James – Darren Winters Reviews

“I’d never heard of Darren Winters stock market trading before. After going on his seminar my short term goal was to retire from my full-time job this year, which I have done. The medium term goal was to have at least £1m in cash and assets by December the next year, and I now think I can achieve this in about half the time. I started with £10,000, and in my best week so far I have earned £24,000 profit. I am also helping my mother and brother to invest, so my brother can continue focusing on looking after his 18 month old daughter, and my mother has handed in her notice so she can retire after 45 years of hard graft. The highest percentage return that I have achieved was a short spreadbet on the Dow that earned 337% in five trading days. Of course this is all tax free, which is GREAT. I continue to use various aspects of the Technical Analysis you teach, as well as your tips on Money Management and investor philosophy. Darren, thanks a million for everything!!!” Mr D Jones – Darren Winters Reviews

“In a year I have increased my portfolio value 22%. I would recommend Darren’s course as very good value for money.” Ms J Salles – Darren Winters Reviews

“Overall the course was fantastic. It gave great insight into trading. I’ve made 30% in 4 weeks.” Mr D Yates – Darren Winters Reviews

“After going on Darren Winters course I’ve had a return of 28.4% over a period of 14 weeks and a return of 22% in one week.” Mr A Wordingham – Darren Winters Reviews

“Very worth while content. I’ve made 27% in 12 weeks.” Mr P Cooper – Darren Winters Reviews

“In just one week I have already made 8.5% profit.” Mr J Read – Darren Winters Reviews

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