Investment Home Study Course


Learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace, how to become a successful forex and stock market investor. In this investment home study course you’ll learn the same proven yet surprisingly simple strategies top investors use to successfully make money from trading.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and experienced investors. You don’t need any financial knowledge, investment background, or any head for numbers, because our courses show you how to evaluate companies, read the markets, spot signals, and use these strategies in easy steps.

Over the years, we’ve refined our courses until we’re confident that we can help anyone who wants to learn how to invest successfully, no matter what their background.

In this investment home study course you’ll learn:

Professional trader skills and key strategies

  • Mastering the basics and how to place trades
  • Fundamental analysis: finding quality companies fast
  • Technical analysis: knowing when to buy and sell
  • A powerful strategy for income generation
  • Chart patterns: best reversals and continuations
  • Power screening: from 8000 to 40 companies fast
  • Trading risk management
  • A important strategy for capital growth
  • 5 essential professional trader skills

Powerful trading strategies and theory into practice

  • Important profit targets
  • Practice: when to buy and sell
  • Ultimate investment indicators
  • Practice: using powerful market signals
  • Spread betting and Forex trading
  • The Expansion Breakout strategy
  • The FTSE Relative Strength strategy
  • Practice: using a strategy step by step
  • Automating the trading strategies to fit your schedule

Trading skills and strategies for different market conditions

  • 6 important investment rules
  • Methods for profiting from down moves
  • Trading from start to finish
  • When and how to use leverage
  • How to trade volatile / sideways markets
  • The 3 Strike Momentum strategy
  • Investment objectives and trade management
  • Trading psychology: professional trader mindset
  • The Fast Mover Breakthrough strategy

Available online for immediate access (or for a small extra fee, you can receive the investment home study course on DVD as well)

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