On The Cusp Of WW3

Posted By Darren Winters on Apr 22, 2024

On The Cusp Of WW3

Are we on the cusp of WW3?

The data points and sequences of events do not illustrate a harmonious landscape, as the unilateral world order is being challenged by existing and emerging great powers in armed wars on multi-fronts on several continents in the Middle East and Africa. 

“Ukraine could be just round one of a wider escalating war in Europe,” written in a piece entitled,  Escalating War In Europe, dated March 2024.

More funds to finance multi-front wars as we are on the cusp of WW3

So the long-awaited bill passed on Saturday, April 20, by the US House of Representatives, which saw broad bipartisan support for a $95bn legislative package providing security assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

In other words, imposing the unilateral world order with US hegemony and the US dollar as the world reserve currency is a US foreign policy agreed upon by both sides of the political spectrum. 

Moreover, despite the ballooning 34 trillion dollar public deficit, increasing to one trillion dollars every one hundred days, more debts will be piled on to the public deficit to finance wars imposing US hegemony world order rules that keep the dollar on the throne.

The Empire values US hegemony world order more than securing its sovereign borders. 

But with all those big bucks allocated towards “security assistance for Ukraine” why is Ukraine losing?

Here is the kicker; CIA Director Burns had to warn Zelensky to stop stealing so much money. Passengers in first class looting the silver cutlery as the Titanic sinks? 

“The anticipated fall of Ukraine might not be the end of the war, but the beginning of WW3 being officially declared. Conscription being openly discussed a month ago by NATO members is no coincidence. The Ukraine war in 2024 could be like 1942 during WW2.

On The Cusp Of WW3

The battle for global hegemony is underway. Conflict is spreading to nearly every corner of the world as the US scrambles to enforce its unilateral rules of the game. An Empire under threat has itchy fingers and will eagerly fight for treasure, particularly if it can fight with the hands of others and avoid spilling its blood. The US’s ballooning public deficit is unsustainable; the Fed Chair knows it, and bond investors know it. The public deficit is the US’s Achilles heel. If Europe were to pivot to the East, away from the US-centric sphere of influence, that could be an existential threat to the US dollar as world reserve currency. The Ukraine war for the US and its reserve currency, the USD is like the 1956 Suez Crisis for Britain and GDP, where Britain lost its geopolitical sphere of influence. 

GDP, once a world reserve currency, has been on a steady decline ever since then,” I wrote in early March.

Fast forward a month, April, former UK PM and foreign secretary Boris Johnson spilt the beans about Ukraine falling into Russia’s orbit. 

“It will be a total humiliation for the West. It will be a turning point in history, the moment when the West finally loses its post-war hegemony, the moment when borders everywhere are suddenly up for grabs and aggression is seen to pay,” said Boris Johnson.

Post-West era, WW3 battle for hegemony.

WW3 could have already started as the world enters a dangerous and unpredictable bipolar, or multi-polar state, characterised by global disorder, and geopolitical uncertainties with wars on multiple fronts on all continents.

The bipolarity of the mind is defined as a mental disorder causing unpredictable mood swings and erratic and violent outbursts.

Equally, bipolarity in international relationships is characterised by disharmony as nations assert themselves unpredictably, erratically and dangerously in an anarchistic world. 

Think of the Dark Ages with nukes, a barbaric era with no rules or human rights where might is right. 

The cusp of WW3 as the civilian economy enters a depression

The availability of affordable credit kept US consumers, the world’s largest consumers, spending.  

When consumer credit becomes more expensive, the engine of global economic growth shuts down. There is no Goldilocks landing when the engines of a jumbo jet suddenly stall.

The US credit debt engine that kept the global economy airborne is stalling. 

US credit card delinquencies are at record highs as the US faces an unprecedented financial crisis.

As many as 50 million Americans have stopped paying their creditors, the situation has escalated to a full-blown economic emergency. 

The pursuit of the American dream, owning your home, and a car, financing a good education and a comfortable lifestyle was only possible when credit was affordable. Total household debt has climbed to 16.6 trillion dollars, according to the Fed in 2022. 

With the current interest rate, households are trapped in a spiralling debt doom loop, struggling to keep up with the interest payments on their debts. Credit card defaults have climbed to their highest point since the 2008 financial crisis. Millennials are worse impacted by the surge in interest payments on credit cards. 

Your average US Household now spends more than hundreds of dollars per month for necessities than a year ago due to high-interest payments and inflation. 

The cusp of WW3 and millennials 

Millennials aged 28 to 43 are typically the first generation that get drafted into war.          

On the cusp of WW3 and investing

War is inflationary. The US has approved nearly 95 billion dollars to finance the multiple wars in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Cash is trash in wartime, so bonds are unattractive.

The living standards for the majority of the population decline sharply in wartime. A 20 million dollar tank driven by a 30-something-year-old has an average lifespan of two months on the battlefield.

In civilian life, the tank driver was a civilian engineer.  

The civilian economy is shifting to wartime, so companies supporting the military-industrial complex can be as broad as clothing, footwear, dry foods, weapons, logistics, and energy companies would probably be on the receiving end of those billions of dollars. 

Commodities and precious metals could also continue to outperform cash.  

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