Synchronizing The Clocks

Posted By Darren Winters on Jan 26, 2023

Synchronizing The Clocks

Has synchronizing the clocks become the undeclared policy of the second Dark Ages? 

The second hand of the Doomsday Clock and the Debt Clock are moving in tandem toward a catalytic event, an implosion.

The Doomsday Clock, a gauge created by heavyweight intellects, atomic scientists, academics, and intellectuals has been ticking for 75 years.

January 24, 2022, the clock was set at 90 seconds until midnight — the closest to the hour it has ever been to a global catastrophe, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

The escalating war in Ukraine has now become a declared war on Russia, according to the German foreign minister, who appears to be in a position that is way over her head. 

The decision of Germany and the US to send tanks to Ukraine means that a diplomatic solution to end the war is now unlikely.

Synchronizing the clocks

The site of German tanks killing Russian soldiers on a battlefield in 2023 is likely to inflame and rattle deep into the Russian psyche. Severe traumatic events are passed onto future generations through the womb.

If Israel were facing a Zyklon B gas attack, it would instinctively go ballistic.   

Operation Barbarossa, June 1941, WW2, attempted Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the largest land offensive in human history, and claimed millions of lives. It ended with Russian tanks in Berlin and Germany, being partitioned. 

So the brightest humans are waving a red flag and have moved the atomic clock the closest it has ever been to a human catastrophe, nuclear war.

Sending more weapons to a conflict will only fan the flames of war, particularly when the other side believes they face an existential threat. 

Moreover, those countries supporting the conflict are facing the worst cost of living crisis in more than forty years.

Cost of living protest and industrial action is spreading in France, the UK, Spain, and Germany. So, how will 99.999% of the population benefit from sending their taxed income and their currency diluted by supporting this War?

We live in the Dark Ages because the age of sound reasoning and logic is absent from the low-caliber leaders and puppets on the clown stage. Moreover, the public remains oblivious to the perilous situation. 

Perhaps the puppet masters are synchronizing clocks; the Doomsday Clock and the Debt clock.

When diplomacy fails, the war ends in a bloodbath, with one side imposing brute force and a crushing defeat on the other side. 

Policymakers are on a highway to a nuclear war, and the doctrine of MAD, nuclear blackmail, could be the next stage.

Expect the Kremlin to issue a final ultimatum, underwritten with a cease-and-desist first strike to make the threat credible. When the Ambassadors start leaving, there will not be much time left.

If it escalates from here, it is game over.

There is not much to say about the debt clock other than it is also on an unsustainable and destructive path putting the USD reserve currency status in jeopardy.

Synchronizing the clocks could be a modern version of ancient Emperor Nero burning Rome.

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