Technology windfall stocks

Posted By Darren Winters on Jun 25, 2019

Technology windfall stocks

Technology windfall stocks will likely give investors on the hunt for growth stocks the best return for their money.

The starter gun has been fired, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has started and technology windfall stocks are charging ahead in the first place.

“The real work of social innovation is to fix our broken system”, wrote Cheryl Heller.

Technology windfall stocks, particularly those which provide support and infrastructure for cryptocurrencies are likely to outperform

Technology windfall stocks

The crypto crusade is about the idea that money should be subject to open transparent competition. So for the crypto tribe cryptocurrencies is a protest, a revolt against what they perceive to be the central bank’s shelf serving debt money system.

Ironically, the central bank’s monetary policy which was intended to defend free-market capitalism has actually converted it into socialism for the 1 %. A type of “nomenklatura” class of elites have emerged in a self-serving system where even their failure is rewarded. This is what I meant in a recent piece I wrote entitled Bad is Good Logic. 

So it is no surprise that wealth inequality continues to widen, that there is record household, government, and corporate debt, that political instability is rising and that fertility rates are collapsing. When an ecosystem is infertile it is broken, it is dying. 

Technology windfall stocks are likely to be found in the healthcare sector

Most G7 economies are experiencing an aging population which is already a strain on providing affordable health care service as health care costs continue to spiral out of control. 

Technology windfall stocks, in healthcare, better known as health tech stocks are expected to grow to $206 billion by 2020

Healthtech stocks could transform life as we know it. Healthtech stocks include gut probe in a pill which is used now in adults and testing infants is a tiny, swallowable pill device connected to a tether.

Gut probe in a pill helps to reduce the risk of diseases such as EED (environmental enteric disfunction) which is linked to stunted growth. The World Bank estimates that the economic cost of stunted growth can reduce a country’s GDP by up to 3%. 

Technology windfall stocks in healthtec can also be found in custom cancer vaccines

“Custom cancer vaccines trigger a person’s immune system to identify a tumor’s unique mutations and kill only cancerous cells;” Markets insider. The cancer vaccine market is predicted to reach $100 billion by 2024, almost 60% of the market share. 

Keep an eye on technology windfall stocks in the food sector, known as food tech stocks

We can expect animal free burgers by 2020. Cow free burgers are made from lab-grown meat extracts from animal tissues. Moreover, plant-based burgers are now widely available today. 

So how does the production of one pound of meat protein versus one pound of plant protein differ?

Meat proteins use 4-25x more water, 6-17x more land, and 6-20x more fossil fuels. 

Technology windfall stocks can also be found in health infrastructure companies

Sanitation without sewers could soon become more common.

These are self-contained toilets which can filter out the bacteria and viruses, while shipping container sized refineries turn waste into fertilizer. This could be particularly important for Africa where it costs $5.5 billion to deal with the poor sanitation of its population. 

There is still a huge market for health infrastructure companies. Nearly a billion people still defecate outdoors. 

The health toll in India due to poor sanitation is staggering. “Diarrhea kills over 117,000 children under age five each year. Millions more struggle with chronically infected intestines that don’t absorb nutrients and medicines well. The misery cycles on Underweight women give birth to underweight babies, who are more vulnerable to infections, more likely to be stunted, and less able to benefit from vaccines”.

Moreover, chronic homelessness in the world’s richest county the US is causing the return of medieval diseases, typhoid fever, typhus, and tuberculosis. 

Technology companies providing sanitation without sewerage could come to the rescue as cash strapped local governments struggle to provide even the most basic essential services for their rising homeless population. 

Technology windfall stocks could also be in the field of companies working on robot dexterity

The global robotics market is predicted to reach just under $500 billion by 2025 as the automation of everything accelerates going forward. 

In 2017 the robotics market was worth $39B and in 2025 it is expected to be worth $499B. 

Robotic investments could soon dwarf that of investments in human labor. If so, that is a worrying trend for human participation in the modern economy. 

Technology windfall stocks could also be found in the field of artificial intelligence AI

The AI assistants of the future will have even more human-like conversations to personally engage customers. Companies would see measurable benefits, with a 5% jump in productivity. 

So in short, technology windfall stocks will drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution and take humanity into a brave new world. 

The greatest disruption ever could be about to take place and that is likely to provide investors with black-holes and mega opportunities going forward.

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