Twitter real-time actionable trading tips

Posted By Darren Winters on Nov 11, 2017

Twitter real-time actionable trading tips

A new generation of traders is increasingly turning to social messaging services, such as Twitter real-time actionable trading tips. There is market-moving power on twitter so why not use Twitter to make your trading more profitable.

Twitter real-time actionable trading tips

But how do you know whether the information is reliable?

A UK (Yorkshire) saying comes to mind, “Where there’s muck there’s brass” and the dirty jobs of our time is in manufacturing fake news (spin) for sizeable gains.

A British man is at the centre of a major $1 Million US fraud investigation after he was accused of using fake Twitter accounts to send stock prices tumbling.

Moreover, in the information age, it has never been so easy to hide in cyberspace, speak into a loudspeaker to a global audience and be as big as your ego wants you to be.

In short, relying on Twitter real-time actionable trading tips has its risks.

But it is no different to the previous age of print and ink, in a few words it is still all about the name. If you read it in the pink (nickname for Financial Times) you can be fairly confident that the data, facts are likely to be accurate. In this case, your source is a reliable established news-outlet so you can safely take in the information and act accordingly.

The age of social media is no different, it is still all about branding, albeit the individual. Knowing who you are following on social media is the key. Note that today’s top traders no longer work for the main brokerage houses, they work for themselves.

So here is a heads up that could help you get the most out of Twitter real-time actionable trading tips.

Twitter real-time actionable trading tips

The clue is to follow traders with track records and many followers.
a) Follow a trader with more than 1,000 followers
b) The trader should be posting regular actionable stock-alert tweets (at least three tweets per week)
c)Check the time and date of the tweets to make sure that the information is timely and regular.
d) Does the trader have skin in the game? Note the stock that was tweeted and the trader’s entry and exit times. For credibility reasons, traders should tweet this information.

Here is a list of top 10 traders that have followed the above criteria. All on the list have demonstrated timely, actionable tweets which have led to profits.

1) Bryon Franzen (Bryon Franzen @ bkfviking123)
Franzen is a full-time trader with thousands of tweets to his name. Some of his tweets have really been profitable. Franzen doesn’t tweet often but when he does he is usually right on the money.

2) Craig Heath (Craig Heath @Burns277). Heath is a South African born trader and he is making a name for himself in the tweetosphere as a skillful momentum trader. If your trading style is swing trading then Heath would be a good choice to follow on tweeter.
Heath also gives reasons why he is a holder of a particular stock in his portfolio for the long term.

3) Nathan Michaud (Nathan Michaud @investorslive). Michaud has demonstrated a track record of 10,000 USD a day trading. So it is no surprise that Michaud has his own flock on twitter running into the thousands. He is a very active trader and he has over 50,000 tweets to his name. He is worth following.

4) Mark Lehman (Mark Lehman @markflowchatter) is a veteran trader with more than 23 years experience in the market. He is known for releasing news about stocks before the mainstream media. He sees with the fourth eye. Lehman has a remarkable knack for predicting future events. Lehman is also worth following.

5) Matt Busigin (Matt Busigin @mbusigin). Busigin has an insight into market economic events. He is able to distinguish noise from market-moving news. A must follow for those who trade using fundamental analysis.

6) Joe Kunkle (Joe Kunkle @OptionsHawk) is an options expert. He tracks increases in option traded for underlying equities. The options market will often give traders a heads up regarding directional trades. So Kunkle is a must for directional traders.

7) Scott Redler (Scott Redler @RedDogT3Live) is a technical analyst. He provides excellent stock charting information to his Twitter followers for free.

8) Paul @Super_Trades is the king small-cap stocks. He has provided his followers on Twitter with names of small-cap stocks that have appreciated as much as 300%.

9) NYC Trader or @SZAman searches for stocks that have momentum and he is consistently maximizing the profit from trading them. He is a very active trader and tweets frequently.

10) @STT2318, nickname the watch list king has consistently provided a watch list of stocks that have outperformed the index.

So following a handful of top traders on twitter and shadowing their trades can potentially put money in your pocket. In short, Twitter can be a useful tool for real-time actionable trading tips.

Universal income? Perhaps it is already here for those who want to learn about trading and then turn your reading into action.

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