World Order Cycle

Posted By Darren Winters on Sep 15, 2022

World Order Cycle

The world order cycle could be where the highest risk for investors lurks. 

The world order cycle moves from a unipolar world to a bipolar world back to a unipolar world and repeats. So the world order is cyclical or non-linear and can take a century or more to complete.

What is the definition of a unipolar world in the world cycle?

Unipolarity is a condition in which one state under the condition of international anarchy enjoys a preponderance of power and faces no competitor states

Unipolarity leads to hegemony, where the predominant state influences the behavior of foreign states, either by installing puppet governments or through military occupation.  

Hegemonic power is similar to an Empire

World Order Cycle

The post cold war was a period of US hegemony. If a foreign state was planning a local war with a neighbor or was intending to do anything geopolitically sensitive, such as the transfer of weapons, they had to run it through Washington first for the Okay.

The Confessions of An Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, a former CIA insider, explains how his role was to persuade foreign state leaders to implement foreign and energy policy, which served best US interests.

So the US, its hundreds of military bases strategically scattered around the world along with its puppet governments is a hegemonic power, an Empire.

The world order cycle shifts to bipolarity when a rival great power refuses to walk in lockstep with US interests

Great powers become defensive when their buffer zone is compromised due to the doctrine of nuclear war and the splendid first strike capabilities of a rival. The madness that nuclear war can be won by wiping out the nuclear arsenal of the other side with a quick strike.  

So Russia makes a big geopolitical move on the chess set, invades, or occupies its former Republic, Ukraine, for national and economic interests, which clash with the hegemonic power’s interest.

The world order cycle moving to bipolarity could be in the most dangerous period of history. The thin veil of a proxy war is coming down. Two great nuclear powers are now facing each other on the battlefield in Ukraine, the battle for 21st-century hegemony is underway in Europe. 

Does Zelensky care about Ukraine or his millions offshore?

Is the US more concerned about Europe or weakening Russia?

If a nuclear war were to break out in Europe, why would the US give two hoots? It is not on their shores.

The world order cycle shift back to unipolarity could play out in several ways.

Low morale in Russia, military losses, many young men not coming home, and Russian elites fed up with sanctions and travel restrictions, so the Russian people and military turned against Putin. Scenario one, a Russian coup d’état, market rallies.

Scenario two war in Ukraine escalates, low yield nukes are deployed. NATO officially joins the war. WW3 starts and ends with Russian tanks in Brussels, Washington, or US tanks in Moscow. Plan, and invest accordingly.     

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