Posted By Darren Winters on Jun 15, 2023


Historians might look back at the Ukraine war as the flashpoint that triggered WW3. The sinking of military flags ships is what started previous global conflicts.

Brits sinking German ships in Jutland triggered WW1, and the Japanese sinking US ships in Pearl Harbor was the catalyst for WW2, the sinking of the Moskva ship in April 2022 could have been what sparked the WW3 bloodbath this century.

The Ukrainian war is more than one year old and escalating. June 2023, at least one thousand soldiers a day are dying in the blood-drenched killing field of Ukraine. 

Ukraine resembles a battleground, no man’s land, a testing ground for the latest weapons where WW3 started.

It is already the war of the century, with over 100 thousand dead, more than seven million displaced people, and countless billions of dollars in damage to homes and critical infrastructure. The horrors of a major war are being enacted again on the geographical heart of Europe’s continent.

But what we are seeing today is just the beginning of what could be the worst war in human history. WW3 will end with nuclear weapons used in anger.

A European Hiroshima lies dead ahead if the current trajectory of escalation continues


There is no place for diplomacy or peace which makes WW3 inevitable. 

Ukrianas have gallantly resisted the Russian invasion for over a year, at a tremendous human cost. An entire generation of young Ukrieanv men has bled dry defending their turf to fight a more capable force. NATO could soon officially announce that it is entering the fight. WW3 could be about to ramp up, and it has been in the making for some time. 

The big three (Starlin, Roosevelt, Churchill) in the Tehran Conference 1943 demonstration of unity to open up a front against Nazi Germany was an anomaly in history.

After defeating the Germans in WW2 the Anglos have been at war with Russians in some form or another, the Cold War, proxy wars and eventually a hot war in 2023. The brief period of peace was an anomaly. 

“The West told us to kill as many Russians as possible,” Ukraine’s Defense Chief. It comes as no surprise, as it has been happening in Ukraine since 2014. 

So why does the so-called liberal, tolerant West want to destroy a people and balkanize their land?   

War in Europe, WW3 is final expansionism, the pillaring of resources in the east for global domination. The Ukrainian war is an existential threat to the two great superpowers, and with no higher authority, it’s a fight to the death. 

Is this the final stage of synchronizing the clocks, the debt clock and the doomsday clock?

Total US tax revenues will not even pay for interest on the public debt by 2040. 

What investor worth his salt will buy treasuries?

This is how empires end, bankrupt with a debased currency, hyperinflation, and collapsing living standards in a backdrop of a global war. 

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